This is "Not my Junk"

A game about getting rid of your Junk and just give it to the other crabs. Its their problem what they do with it.

  • No Player (just watch them bots fight)
  • Singleplayer
  • Local Multiplayer (same keyboard)


  • Add more then one levels
  • Add a "Campaign"
  • Add support for mobile/touch devices
  • Add More game mechanics
AuthorDr. Jamgo
Tags2D, Casual, Funny, Short


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Great game! Very fun. I love the idea! A few problems tho. For one i can toss the junk off the screen and it still counts as junk on my planer so i cant win :/ also theirs a glitch where my crab flew off into the void but then came back which was super funny lol


Hey, thanks for your feedback,  I do appreciate it.

Yes it still has some weird glitches where stuff flies off..

FYI, Junk velocity is limited to 1000px/s and the planets are the only gravitational objects, so your Junk will return.. eventually.. :-)

Nobody can say when though..

Thanks for trying. If you ever try it with a friend, please update me on coop gameplay.. that would be awesome!

Oh 😂

I've been wanting too do that also! Ill make sure to let ya know how it goes ^^