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CORE Features

  • Tactical RPG with simple but versatile mechanics.
    • Positioning and Flanking is key.
    • Use Obstacles, and Terrain to your advantage
    • Stun, Confuse, Poison and Wound your enemies
    • Find synnergies between heroes.
  • 8-12 Hero Classes

  • Change Weapons and Armor according to your tactics.
  • Alignment System
    • Good vs. Evil
    • Lawful vs. Chaotic
    • Heroes with similar alignment perform better
  • Versatile Quests
    • In addition to good old "go there, kill everything"
    • Rescue a Hostage
    • Protect a Village from Orcs
    • Retrieve an Item from a Cave
    • Escort a Convoi to the Winterlands
    • Many more..

Other features

  • Morale
    Morale will be important for the Hero's performance. Keeping it up is a major part of the Game.
  • Phobias

    A hero remembers the circumstances of his death after resurrection. He might get a Podophobia if his killer was bare feet.
  • Random Events
    "You pass an Old man struggeling to load his cart. Do you help?"
    Your Heroes might disagree depending on their alignment.
  • Clever AI
    The AI is ruthless and will exploid every mistake without mercy. You are warned..


As a Indie devloper I use many free assets.

The Character previews are generated using:
Universal LPC Spritesheet Character Generator

Development log


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hey i joined your tower defense jam and my build just doesnt want to finish can i submit a bit later please? this is my first game jam :( here is the link https://niekdelft.itch.io/tower-defense?secret=VbNwR4Gn6KcG7gYmwZvHEMmV4A

Hi there,
I tried to play it, unfortunately it crashes. I think I will host the Jam on a regular basis now, so dont worry, you'll get your chance ;-)

this is brilliant!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks. As the Design is still very much WIP, feel free to voice any wishes or ideas. They might end up in the Game.